Beer-Sheva, home of Avraham Avinu (the Patriarch Abraham), invites you to enjoy a unique and fascinating experience!
Welcome to the Abraham's Well International Visitors' Center.
Situated on the banks of the biblical Beer-Sheva River, at the gates of the Old City, come discover the innovative heritage site dedicated to showcasing the life of the Patriarch Abraham and visiting the biblical well. Here you will be revealed to the story of Abraham – renowned host, peace-maker, and the spiritual father of three monotheistic religions.
The new Visitors' Center uses advanced technology to support experiential content, making possible a 3D presentation with impressive aesthetics that surround visitors, drawing them, making them part of the experience.
Patriarch Abraham's Well represents the long-standing tradition of the Beer-Sheva valley as a source of vital fresh water and, through the centuries, has itself been a symbol of life, brotherhood and camaraderie among desert travelers.
Alongside the educational and experiential facet, the new site opens a dialogue about values, faith and history shared by the majority of the world.

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